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Written translation


Legal translation:
Translation of:

  • legislative acts of any countries of the world;
  • various agreements and contracts;
  • instruments of incorporation of legal entities (articles of association, charters, registration certificates, certificates of registration with taxation authorities, of legal capacity, of affirmation of directorial powers, etc.);
  • letters of attorney;
  • various judicial documents (plaint notes, writs of appeal, court decisions and rulings, etc.);
  • correspondence with foreign colleagues;
  • notarial translation;


Pharmaceutical translation:

  • analysis certificates;
  • medical certificates;
  • drug usage instructions;
  • test certificates;

Technical translation:

  • translation of reference and regulatory documents (terms of reference, feasibility studies, technical specifications, construction codes and regulations, All-Russian State Standards (GOST);
  • technical design assignments;
  • equipment catalogues and operating manuals;
  • technical descriptions and specifications;
  • competitive documents (tender offers);
  • technical texts with a large number of embedded graphical objects (blueprints, schemes and graphs in AutoCAD, Acrobat (PDF);


Economical translation:

  • translation of financial and banking documents: accounting, taxation and financial documents, banker’s books, analytical research reports, business plans, etc.

Personal documents:

  • translation of passports;
  • translation of birth and marriage certificates;
  • translation of various official certificates;
  • translation of diplomas and education certificates;
  • translation of documents for expatriation;
  • translation of personal and business correspondence;

Translation of literary texts:

  • translation of fiction, scientific and popular-scientific literature;
  • translation of books, journals and magazines on various fields of knowledge;

And more:

  • translation and dubbing of drama, documentaries and scientific films, popular-scientific programs, advertisement clips, etc. into any languages of the world.

Cooperation with us means:

  • high quality of services;
  • prompt execution of orders;

  • professionalism;
  • individual approach to the client;



  • Translation Azerbaijani
  • Translation English
  • Translation Albanian
  • Translation Arabic
  • Translation Bulgarian
  • Translation Hungarianv
  • Translation Dutch
  • Translation Greek
  • Translation Georgian
  • Translation Danish
  • Translation Hebrew
  • Translation Spanish
  • Translation Italian
  • Translation Catalan
  • Translation Kirghiz
  • Translation Chinese
  • Translation Korean
  • Translation Latvian
  • Translation Lithuanian
  • Translation German
  • Translation Norwegian
  • Translation Polish
  • Translation Portuguese
  • Translation Serbian
  • Translation Slovenian
  • Translation Turkish
  • Translation Turcoman
  • Translation Ukrainian
  • Translation Uzbek
  • Translation Finnish
  • Translation French
  • Translation Croatian
  • Translation Czech
  • Translation Swedish
  • Translation Estonian
  • Translation Japanese

Other languages

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  • Услуга Цена
  • Graphic processing by 8000 rubles.
  • Work speaker by 6000 rubles./day
  • Rent a studio (including the work of a sound engineer) by 2500 rub./hour

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