Oral translation


Oral interpretation has become one of the most demandable services of translators. Major companies seek cooperation of foreign partners more and more often. Therefore, it becomes virtually impossible to do without an interpreter during meetings, conferences, business appointments and negotiations.


  • assistance during press conferences, symposia, round tables, seminars, and more;
  • participation in international negotiations;
  • telephone conversations;
  • guided tours;
  • servicing at exhibitions;
  • provision of interpreters in the regions of Russia and in foreign countries.

Our translation agency shall provide experienced and professionally trained interpreters of any language.

All our employees meet exclusive standards:

  • professional command of the language;
  • presentable appearance;
  • high communication skills;
  • knowledge of your business specificity.

There are two basic types of interpretation:

  1. Sequential interpretation
    Sequential interpretation is interpretation of original speech by individual sentences or logical paragraphs. This type of interpretation is used, as a rule, during business trips, negotiations, presentations, etc.
  2. Synchronous interpretation
    Synchronous interpretation is interpretation which is carried out simultaneously with the original speech. This type of interpretation is used, as a rule, during conferences, seminars, round tables and international negotiations.
    Synchronous interpretation is carried out with the use of special language equipment: the interpreter stays in a separate room, the interpretation being transmitted into the earphones of the listeners.Our company is ready to provide a full set of language equipment for implementation of synchronous interpretation.

Cooperation with us means:

  • high quality of services;
  • prompt execution of orders;
  • professionalism;
  • individual approach to the client;


  • Translation Azerbaijani
  • Translation English
  • Translation Albanian
  • Translation Arabic
  • Translation Bulgarian
  • Translation Hungarianv
  • Translation Dutch
  • Translation Greek
  • Translation Georgian
  • Translation Danish
  • Translation Hebrew
  • Translation Spanish
  • Translation Italian
  • Translation Catalan
  • Translation Kirghiz
  • Translation Chinese
  • Translation Korean
  • Translation Latvian
  • Translation Lithuanian
  • Translation German
  • Translation Norwegian
  • Translation Polish
  • Translation Portuguese
  • Translation Serbian
  • Translation Slovenian
  • Translation Turkish
  • Translation Turcoman
  • Translation Ukrainian
  • Translation Uzbek
  • Translation Finnish
  • Translation French
  • Translation Croatian
  • Translation Czech
  • Translation Swedish
  • Translation Estonian
  • Translation Japanese

Other languages

Order translation
  • Service Cost
  • Graphic processing by 8000 rubles.
  • Work speaker by 6000 rubles./day
  • Rent a studio (including the work of a sound engineer) by 2500 rub./hour

Hour emergency translation assistance


All of November -
Month of the Lithuanian language
5% discount on translation

Order translation

The operator will call you back
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    Order translation

    The operator will call you back
    in 15 minutes