Pharmaceutical translations


AAT specializes in the field of medical translations, including translations of drug registration dossiers master files.

Modules 1-5

Patient information sheets, periodic safety update reports, drug overviews, drug clinical and preclinical study reports, clinical investigation brochures, clinical trial protocols, analythical procedures, prescribing information, validation, stability, certificates of analysis of chemical substances, production, batch analysis, packaging, specifications, etc.,

as well as:

Presentations, scienticia medical articles, case records, medical assessments, reference and marketing materials, or other medical documents.

AATranslate offers its assistance in apostilization of documents or notarization of documents or copies of documents (GMP and CPP certificates).

AATranslate employs translators with degrees in pharmaceuticals, chemistry or biology.

We offer translations in the field of oncology, genetics, cardiology, ophtalmology, neurology, etc.

AATranslate also offers to its clients a wide range of services in teh field of sound recording. Our Team includes professional translators, presenters, and sound engineers.

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We offer translation and dubbing of videos for pharmaceutical companies, such as:

  1. Company history
  2. Clinical Cases
  3. New pharmaceuticals

Presenting products

  • Information leaflets for patients;
  • reports on drug safety;
  • Description of the preparation;
  • test reports;
  • the investigator's brochure;
  • protocols of clinical trials;
  • analytical procedures;
  • instructions for use;
  • certificates of analysis of chemicals;
  • manufacture, serial analysis package

and etc.

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Other medical translations

  • Presentations;
  • Medical research articles;
  • extracts from case histories;
  • conclusions about the state of health;
  • reference and promotional materials
    other medical records;

and etc.

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  • Service Cost
  • Graphic processing by 8000 rubles.
  • Work speaker by 6000 rubles./day
  • Rent a studio (including the work of a sound engineer) by 2500 rub./hour

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